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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are temporarily or permanently (depending on the type of cookie) stored on your device via a web browser, allowing us to identify in what ways our users use our website, which enables us to continuously improve the website and deliver contents that are relevant to our visitors.

Web cookies have been used for many years and almost every website that you visit stores some kind of cookie on your device. Changes in legislation (EU Directive ZEKom-1), which regulates the area of information and how website visitors consent to the use of cookies, are new.

What do the cookies used on the website of the company “Infuzija d.o.o.” do?

Cookies are downloaded to your computer and they store the identification records of your previous sessions on the website, such as anonymous visitor statistics. Cookies don’t allow the identification or recognition of the visitor as such, but only gives an information whether it’s a new or a repeated visitor, and parameters such as the time and duration of the visit, the number of pages or subpages visited, etc.

You can also manage the use of cookies by changing your web browser’s security level settings to restrict or disable cookies on your machine. You can also delete cookies from your devices at any time.

The cookies used on the website of the company Infuzija d.o.o. are used to:

  • facilitate the functioning of the website,
  • provide visitors with an enhanced user experience,
  • monitor visit frequency statistics using Google Analytics.

A detailed description of the cookies we use on the website of the company Infuzija d.o.o.:

Cookie Name Purpose Duration Data manager
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_ga A cookie that enables the operation of Google Analytics web analytics. 2 leti INFUZIJA d.o.o., Google Inc.

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